• New Employee Hire Checklist

    With a 2000% increase in employee litigation and the average settlement per court case estimated at $200,000, it is essential for businesses to have correct and complete personnel files for all its employees.  Good record keeping for new employees starts even before an employee is hired.  Use our Ebook and Checklist: Why Employee Documents Matter to stay organized and out of the courts. Minimize your exposure to penalties and non-compliance to regulatory requirements with our FREE Resource. ...

  • Payroll Tax Guide

    Payroll taxes are complicated and difficult to understand. If your company is not in compliance it can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and interest and has led to financial hardship for some companies. The IRS and state agencies will prosecute corporate officers or owners if they have evidence that there has been willful noncompliance or payroll fraud. Our Payroll Tax Guide outlines what taxes you as employer must pay and what taxes the employees pay.

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  • 11 Ways to Monitor and Increase a Restaurant’s Profitability

    For a restaurant to survive and be profitable, they must know their business inside and out. Not having the right menu items, not managing inventory, theft are just a few reasons for why you are loosing money or not maximizing profit.  Here are the 11 Ways to Monitor and Increase a Restaurant's Profitability.