What our clients love about our timekeeping system and workforce management solution:

It saves them money! Bottom line customers achieve significant savings by using our time and attendance and workforce management solution.  Check out our videos and then see how much you save using our Savings Estimator that can be found here



Other benefits include:

  • Easy to implement, plug and play timekeeping hardware, can be setup in days and not weeks or
  • Easy for workers to use. Employees can be trained in minutes.
  • Our automated timekeeping systems saves employers between 2 hours to more than 8 hours spent tracking and adding up timecards.
  • Holds employees accountable and eliminates phantom employee hours you would otherwise be paying.  This saves thousands of dollars in labor cost.
  • Track employee labor hours to minimize overtime hours.
  • Reduces payroll processing error.  Based on statistics compiled by the American
    Payroll Association the human error rate is between 1 and 5 percent.
  • Helps you stay healthcare compliant by tracking employee labor hours for purpose of classifying them as full or part-time employees.
  • Streamlines payroll process by creating files that can be imported directly into payroll.
  • Library of preset comprehensive reports.  Our reports can be run using filters.  our filters allow you to sort and run customized reports.  Track and understand where employee labor hour are being spent.
  • Full line of hardware from simple key-punch to range of biometric time clocks with real time access to employee clocked-in and clocked-out.

Timekeeping Punch Options

Timekeeping Punch Options Graphic

We know every business needs flexibility and options for managing its workforce. While many timekeeping companies offer only one to two options for collecting timekeeping punches we offer several choices to match your requirements. Whether you have mobile employees, office employees or remote employees we have punch collections to match your workforce requirements.


  • Time Clocks
  • Over the Web
  • Over the Phone
  • Mobile Apps

Timekeeping for managing employees on-the-go

From simple to complex we can help you manage your time and attendance needs.  Whether you are tracking employees’ time in a mobile environment, remote field location, in-office staff members, manufacturing or drivers you want to track via GPS we have a solution.  Our solutions for your workforce on-the-go include:

  • Webclock – Do you have remote locations and want to make sure employees are clocking in from the office/store?  We setup rules that requires employees to clock-in or out from specific IP addresses.
  • Mobile App – Our mobile app allows your remote or field employees to clock-in or clock-out, view and approve their time card, or if given permission can edit their hours.
  • Telephone Clock-in or Out – Filed employees can clock-in or out using a telephone line.
  • GPS – Have drivers or a sales staff that needs to be monitored.  Our GPS app integrates with our timekeeping system.  Always know where your workforce is at all times.

Simply put our automated timekeeping systems saves you money, time and improves your employee labor management processes. The result – significant labor costs savings and freeing up much needed resources.  These can be reallocated to other income producing activities.

Timekeeping Compliance Requirements for Healthcare

 Benefits of Automated timekeeping Timekeeping png