Checklist for Businesses Hiring New Employees

  • Posted by Michael Beauchemin on Thu, May 26, 2011 @ 03:24 PM

    Businesses when hiring new employees face a daunting task and significant investment.  They have to determine: Why they are hiring a new employee; what tasks that person will complete; will the new employee have the skills and knowledge to complete the job; will they fit in with the other workers and management; is there something in their past that disqualifies them from the job. 

    Because the cost and investment of hiring, training, and terminating a new employee if they don’t work out, is so high it is important for businesses

    The HR Pros at Richard A. Beauchemin, CPA / Carolina Accounting & Tax Service, PLLC put together this checklist to assist you when hiring new employees.  

    • Determine the need to establish a new or fill an existing position.
    • Make sure an updated job description for the position is on file.
    • Consult the job description to identify the required knowledge, skills, and experience required.
    • Calculate the available compensation, including pay and benefits.
    • Train managers on how to conduct effective interviews.
    • create an advertisement or recruiting campaign for the job position.  be sure to explicitly state where, when, and to whom materials should be sent.
    • Contact applicants to schedule interviews. Depending on the position, standard interviews are scheduled for 20-60 minutes.
    • Contact top candidates references.
    • Meet with the relevant decision-makers to select a candidate
    • Conduct background checks.
    • Present the offer letter.
    • Schedule New Employee and Department Orientations.
    • Document all new hire paperwork into the employees HR file.

    Because employee record keeping is so critical, we have put together a New Hires Forms Checklist.  

    Why Employee Documents Matter New Employee Hire Checklist EBook