Payroll, Hiring New Employees and Why I9s Are Important – Part 2

  • osted by Michael Beauchemin on Tue, Jun 07, 2011 @ 09:37 AM

    In part 1 of the article we highlighted the responsibility that an employer and an employee has with regards to the I9 and why it is important to have the I9s filled out correctly and on file when new employees are hired and started on payroll.

    This article focuses on the consequences you face if you fail to have I9s properly filled out and on file.  It is essential that employers take the time to setup an internal process and  procedures to validate they have I9s on file for all employees, they are filled out correctly, located in one folder or binder and can be readily accessed. 

    Employers who violate the law may be subject to civil fines and criminal penalties as outlined in the tables below.  In addition, if you have government contracts, or intend to compete for government contracts, I9 violations can cause debarment from government contracts.

    For substantiated charges of discrimination against you, you can be subject to a court order requiring you to pay back pay to individuals you were found to discriminate against as well as be required to hire individuals you discriminated against.

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    new hire i9 criminal violation resized 600

    The I9 only takes a few minutes to fill out while the consequences of not filling out and having I9s on file is extremely high…why run that risk.

    To help organize your employee files and highlight the forms that, by law, you must complete and have on file we put together a New Hire Forms Checklist that you can download for free.