• Independent Contractor verses Employee | Why It Matters

    The IRS and state agencies are cracking down on employers who improperly classify workers. Not classifying workers correctly can cost a business significant amount if workers are reclassified as employees. Back taxes, penalties and interest charges can reach as high as $500,000. Our Best Practice Series: Independent Contractor verses Employee Outlines:

    • Why properly classifying workers is critical for every employer
    • Outlines the IRS "3 Factor Test"
    • Characteris...

  • E Verify Presentation Best Practices Series

    What is E Verify?  It is a free web-based, electronic system used to verify the eligibility of employment for newly hired employees and existing employees assigned to work on qualifying federal contracts. E Verify ensures a legal workforce, protects jobs for authorized workers, deters document and identity fraud and works seamlessly with Form I9. While E verify is a Federal program, each state determines its E verify compliance requirements making it extremely complex to determine from state t...

  • The Ultimate Tip Credit Guide for Restaurants

    Restaurants can use tipped wages, in most states, to reduce labor cost and reduce taxes. The result can be savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year or more. However, restaurant owners and managers must understand the regulations and rules governing tips. Not being in compliance with tip laws is a violation of labor laws and can lead to legal action, labor investigations, audits and fines. Negative rulings and findings can result in legal monetary settlements, fines and taxes. Our ...

  • Why I9 Matters | I9 Checklist

    Every employer must be vigilant about compliance to proper documentation when hiring employees. A key document after hiring an employee is the I9 form. Failure to comply with I9 requirements can result in penalties per missing or incorrect I9. Download our Why I9 Matters | I9 Checklist Guide to understand your I9 responsibilities and determine if you are in compliance.