SC Businesses Payroll News, Hiring Illegals and SC Law

  • In 2008 SC passed a law to address the issue of businesses placing illegal workers on the payroll as employees.  The law is being implemented in two phases.  The first phase was for larger businesses (those with greater than 100 employees) and the second phase is for businesses with less than 100 employees.

    The law requires that a business check all new hires to to verify that they are either a citizen of the US or have a right to work in the US legally.  Although the bill applies to checking the new hires, there is a proviosn for existing employees.  If a business discovers they may have an employee that does not have a right to work in the US, they must investigate and fire any persons they find working illegally.

    Businesses that do not comply can face fines of up to $1,000 per illegal employee.  Approximately, 200 violations statewide, through May, were found in violation of the law according to The Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation.

    As the law goes into effect this week, for all busineses, it will be closely watched to see its impact on the issue if illegal workers.