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  • HR Services Made Simple and Affordable

    We are excited to deliver HR services designed specifically for small to medium size businesses. We understand and realize small and mid-size businesses desperately need HR support but cannot afford a full time HR professional. We deliver affordable HR solutions for businesses that need HR support but do not have big budgets for a full-time or part-time Human resources staff member.

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    Take a Quick HR Audit to Identify Areas Your Company Is At Risk.

    Access Your Free HR Audit Here

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    Companies are increasingly at risk of financial loss due to noncompliance to Federal, State and local labor laws. We know the HR Audit will help identify high risk areas. If you have not done so, take a few minutes to take the audit and will send along a report highlighting areas of risk.

    Below are a few reasons why our HR Services should be part of your organization even if you have as few as 1 employee.

    • According to the Small Business Administration: Since 1995 there has been a 2,000-percent increase in employment litigation
    • The average per case court settlement has been $200,000 and the average litigation cost has been $50,000.
    • There are over 7,000 federal code sections with over 40,000 pages of employment regulations and thousands of additional state and local regulations.

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     Affordable HR Solutions

    We offer integrated multi-tiered HR Services that:

    • Improves the on-boarding process for employees using a paperless system that automates the process
    • Organizes critical HR documents and electronically automates distribution of these documents to employees with an electronic approval process
    • Improved compliance by electronically storing signed hiring documents including W4s and I9s
    • Employees have access, via a secure portal, to their check stubs, W2s, time cards, company HR documents and access to company message board.
    • Automates workflows that allows you to improve communication with employee and improve compliance to labor laws
    • Full HR document library to allow you to quickly research labor laws and quickly develop and customize company policies and procedures
      – Employee Handbook
      – Job Descriptions
      – Hiring Policies, Procedures and Questionnaires
      – Termination Policies, Procedures and Guides
    • Using one of our HR Professional we will customize all company policies, procedures, job descriptions and Employee handbook

    Electronic Employee On-Boarding

    Easily on-board new employees. The process is easy, secure and helps maintain compliance for your business. Employees are directed through the simple to navigate on-line logic. They simply answer a series of questions and the required forms are pre-populated with their information. They simply sign the forms using an electronic pin signature and forms are sent directly to the administrator o manager for final approval. Once approved the signed the electronic copy resides in the business’ portal for future reference and accessibility.

    Each business portal is customized for your business. Your company specific policies and procedures are uploaded and you decide what forms, policies and procedures your employees’ need to review and sign. Having signed electronic copies that reside in your secure portal will:

    • Allows you to quickly demonstrate compliance to I-9 and E Verify laws.
    • Minimize exposure or damages to employee lawsuits by having proper documented procedures and policies in place
    • Be a repository to document employee training.

    Our HR solution  simplifies your on-boarding process, reduces risk of exposure to fines resulting from improper documentation and reduces your exposure to employee lawsuits. For more information visit our HR employee On-Boarding page or view our brief 2 minute vide.o

    Monthly HRCast

    Each month we cover a topical HR issue in our HRCast. The HRCast highlights a common or pressing HR issue each month and provides invaluable insight and information on how best to deal with the issue.