• Federal and state governments are in a world of hurt. They need revenue desperately. Where do you think they will squeeze that revenue from? You, the taxpayer or business owner, with income of course!

    Let’s be honest and deal with reality, it is individuals or businesses that make money or create revenue that the IRS will most scrutinize. The ROI for the IRS on very low to no income citizens does not justify big investments for the IRS.

    And it’s not just the Federal level you should be concerned with but in ever state and locale. All revenue agencies are interested in you if you made money.  They understand the biggest income earners will owe the most taxes.

    IRS and Other Agencies will Increase Audits if It Means Increase Compliance and Collecting More  Taxes

    Audits continue to increase for corporations, businesses and individuals that make money! In fact you may not even know your tax return was audited until you receive a notice from a tax revenue agency demanding an additional payment of taxes, penalties and interest for what they perceive to be an underpayment of your taxes. Often times, the sticker shock is not the amount of taxes owed. That is dwarfed by the interst and penalties.

    We Help You Navigate the Tax World

    Our Personal Tax Preparation and Corporate Tax Preparation, assist you with making sense of our complex tax code.  Whether you have a question during tax time with your tax return, require our tax preparer to take care of your return or a CPA to answer the most complicated tax question we can assist.

    When we prepare your taxes we work with you to understand your circumstances and minimize your tax liability and exposure to an IRS audit.  Check out our Personal tax or Corporate Tax preparation pages and give us a call for assistance with your taxes or tax questions.