Payroll Processing

Let’s face it…there are payroll processing factories but they can’t Payroll Services-imagegive you what you deserve!

As a firm owned and operated by professional accountants, we believe that you deserve more than just computer generated checks and reports with no guidance or personal service.

We have an in-depth understanding of your payroll needs and issues.  We provide our clients with payroll guidance on all payroll issues with superior customer service.  Our clients are know to us by names and not a payroll processing number.

Our payroll processing services provides easy to understand fixed pricing that includes:

  • Tax deposits and reporting
  • New hire reporting
  • Year-end W2s
  • Wage garnishments
  • Access to HR On-Line web resources
  • Labor cost savings with our automated timekeeping systems
  • No hidden fees
  • No additional charges (Even if you accidentally give us wrong or missing information and checks have to be reprocessed!)
  • Secure employee portal for your employees to view check stubs, W2s and their W4 payroll withholding information

Because our payroll processing system fully integrates with our automated timekeeping system, you are able to automate your payroll administration and payroll process system, cut labor costs and take control of you labor force.

Access to our HR Web Resources for all our payroll clients

With our payroll processing services, we give you access to our HR Web Resources at no additional charge.  This includes an HR Employee Handbook that can be downloaded as a word document and customized for your business. Our HR Web resources that is part of our payroll service package includes hundreds of other word documents that can be downloaded and customized as well.   These include job descriptions, performance review documentation, interview questions and guidelines of on-boarding employees and procedures and guidelines for terminating employees.  For less than $30 per month you can upgrade to our HR On-Demand service and have all your documentation customized and have access to an HR professional to help support you with your workforce.

Don’t trust you payroll processing to just anyone.  Give us a call to see how your company benefits from our payroll processing services.

Payroll Tax Guide Ebook